Ask Me Anything about Aging With Freedom and High Wealth, High Health, High Purpose -- the trifecta for a successful Third Act, formerly known as retirement.

AgingWithFreedom: Ask Me Anything about Aging With Freedom to achieve our trifecta of successful retirement: high wealth, high health, high purpose. What got you interested covering retirement? Why do you want to educate others about it? We are planning our own retire…

I am the one and only Johnnie Cabbell, music mogul with 20 years and counting in the music industry. I’ve work with the biggest talents in the music business today. My company Global Vision Talent has secured millions of dollars for our clients. Ask me Anything!

Johnnie Cabbell: Hi Zella! Good question and I don’t because a million is normal now these days I get excited when it’s exceeding millions like 2 mil or better but I am proud to know we still hit that million.

#Acting and still learning. Ask Me Anything!

Nyasha McQuivey: I think I would want to be a psychologist. Psychologist because I like helping people and learning about the human mind.
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