May 23, 2018

Scott Reyns on voice acting in games AMA

Scott Reyns: Not so much. I grew up playing games, first on things like DOS-era PCs, Commodore 64 and Atari 2600. Somewhere in my parents' attic may still be Pong. Despite never being a heavy gamer, I'd a thorough appreciation for how they'd evolved over the year…

#Acting and still learning. Ask Me Anything!

Nyasha McQuivey: Yes, my family is supportive of my acting career! Thier support helps me with all of it.

A Talent Can Become A Profession! #AMA #LeratoNogabe

Lerato Nogabe: We all know that whether you do good or bad, you're still going to be judged. So you need to tell yourself everyday that you are enough and you love yourself no matter what people will say about you.  I think that if you accept yourself and love your…

Full Stack Talent here - AMA about recruiting, interviewing, résumé building, or Star Wars.

fullstacktalent: Attrition rates are usually a symptom of a different problem, not the actual problem. It's rare that a company has a high turn over for no apparent reason. Typically you have employee leave because they don't like: Workload Boss Culture Pay Benefits…

Hi, I'm Gimbey, a Musical Theater Actress and Voice Teacher. Ask me anything!

Gimbey dela Cruz: Yes I do!  Vocalize , vocalize, vocalize! I do that and body warm ups to make sure I can perform on my best
Apr 13, 2018

I have been a new up and coming actor. Just here to share my insight and ability to whomever needs it. AMA.

Ryan Campbell: I have always wanted to play the role of Barry Alan the flash. 
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