Ask me anything about the WORLD INNOVATION The 1st soundtrack for a city worldwide

Ty Typhoon
Jan 12, 2018

I released now the first soundtrack for a city worldwide. Please feel free to ask me anything about this world innovation. 

If you are interested in exclusive rights music from me and my price is too much, you can email me an send me an offer.

Get non-exclusive music license for your youtube or social media video for only 1 USD.


Please share this idea with everyone, please back up now ๐Ÿ˜


Facebook: ty typhoon

Instagram: typhoon ty


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Should one alternatively use Public Domain Music? What is your recommendation?

Jan 13, 12:46PM EST1

Its up to which project it is.

Is it only your youtube channel and you do blogging videos, you can use public domain music, sure.

But if you make a big film production you should avoid to reduce your budget in case of using this kind of music. I will hear the difference and the most will hear it to. 

Public domain music is like the same with licence free music. Any producer who see a chance in his composition will try to sell it, public domain music is free and there you wont find the best music on this planet.

Jan 13, 3:17PM EST0

Should all performers obtain membership from Rights Organisations (PROS) for protection of his/her music materials?

Jan 13, 12:05PM EST1

Its up to you. 

I am not a lawyer, i can' t tell exactly what to do. I think that the performance rights organisations in the usa will act similar to the GEMA in germany.

If you get a deal with a big record company, your songs will protected automaticaly by them.

Jan 14, 7:24AM EST0

When is a performance regarded as a grand right versus a small right?

Jan 13, 9:11AM EST1

Its very difficult.

The main thought between non excl. and exclusive right is:

An exclusive is sold one time for much money. Its used for a single or album track, it should an can be sold worldwide to get earnings.

The non excl is sold many times for less money, but you cant earn money with the track, its used for promotion tracks and mixtapes which are for free. You lend the instrumental and you dont own it.

Jan 13, 10:25AM EST1

Can one use music with copyright if he/she assures of giving or acknowledging where credit is due?

Jan 13, 6:03AM EST1

Verry difficult question.

I think you mean you use a song on youtube without payment for a licence but you put the name of the artist and song into the video description.

Thats not enough. Maybe your video will be deleted. Its a infringement of copyright.

You need a licence to use the song. To get licences from hits it must be difficult, or you try to act as a dj or radio station, but then you got to pay for every time you play it or use it.

Jan 13, 10:17AM EST0

Can I freely record or release someone elseโ€™s song?

Jan 13, 4:38AM EST1

Good question

If you like to record your own version of my composition or to do a remix you need to own the original composition, so you need to buy the exclusive rights.

Its also possible to make another contract that you are able to sell your version without paying the exclusive rights, but then you must pay all your earnings with the song back to me, cause i stay as the owner of the composition. 

In case of a remix or rerecording with own instruments, you are also able to do this by your own, send the track to me and i will decide what to do. But you cant release this version before my "yes" because this would be a infringement of copyright.

One of the biggest problems: if i sell the exclusive rights, i am not longer able to decide about the composition, you need to ask the new owner.

Next: if you like to sell the song you need to own it. If you like to do priceless promotion songs, you will need a non exclusive licence. 

There are 1000 ways to do contracts. The easy way is to contact me personaly at jfkomposition@gmail.com and tell me exactly what you like to do or what you like to use.

Jan 13, 5:56AM EST0

How safe is it to use free music for corporate marketing materials?

Jan 13, 4:12AM EST0

What are the rights involved in recording sound?

Jan 12, 10:29PM EST0

Is it possible to use copyrighted music in any video?

Jan 12, 10:29PM EST1

This and the next question are very similar.

I can't guarentee it to you, cause every licence for every land and the laws are a bit different.

The coolest thing is to check everything with the owner of the song in detail with cintract before using his material.

In my case: you can use my songs for any kind of video.

But you can also tell me before what you like to do with your licence to get more clarity.


Jan 13, 5:37AM EST0

I mean contract not cintract

Jan 13, 5:38AM EST0

Which city is next?

Jan 12, 10:25PM EST0

In fact, i can't compose 20 songs for each city in this world, i can't do it all by my own.

Thats the reason why all composers and producer can send beats to me and i will compilate the next soundtracks. 

I believe that " The Soundtrack of BERLIN " will be the next step.

Maybe it will be an double album first cd produced by me and second cd produced by other producer, but i am not sure yet.

If you got musical ideas:

send it to me. I wont release other compositions without contract, i wont show the songs other composers, its only to get much material and pick the best.

Jan 13, 5:07AM EST1
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Can you help obtain clearance for mainstream music?

Jan 12, 10:23PM EST1

Best question.

It would be a dream.

I am not able to mix or to master on a 100% proffessional mainstream radio level.

I got not the expensive studio equipment for that.

It is possible to get all your stems ( single instruments as wav. files ) for remixing with effects or special ideas.

Its also possible to get all midi data to complete reproduce your track with new instruments. ( it can be a complete different sounding version of your song. )

Also its possible to compose a other hookline or breakpart for your song,  in that case i will be marked as a co - composer.

In the first to cases i can't guarentee to sound 100% at radio mainstream level, but it could be fixed by a professional mastering engineer with good experiences. 

So please contact me for reproducing, remixing, co-composing, mixing. 

I am absolutely interested in mainstream music, i am also able to produce world chord loops or melodys for you, but this takes a bit of time.


Jan 13, 5:25AM EST0

More questions please.. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Jan 12, 5:30PM EST1

How are music license fees determined?

Jan 12, 5:07PM EST1

For example exclusive rights "gansta theme" : you pay once the price on kickstarter ( or we make another deal without kickstarter and your whish song will be deleted or selected as sold ) 

Then you have to pay 2% ( maybe after 2 or 3 years your fim or game starts selling products ) of all your "earnings" with your product which includes my composition. 

We can make another style of contract if you like. You only need to send me your request to: jfkomposition@gmail.com

Jan 12, 5:23PM EST0

Do I need a license to make a DVD?

Jan 12, 10:40AM EST1

Good question.

What kind of dvd?

You need a licence if you will use my work for your dvd, sure.

If you like to sell it you need to buy a exclusive right, if its only a dvd of your marriage for example and not for re-sell, you will only need a non-exclusive right from me.

For explaination: 

A exclusive right is only one time selling for one user who is now the owner of the song.

A non exclusive is further own by me and it can "lend" several times for money.

Please send your request to:


Jan 12, 11:37AM EST1

What is Royalty Free music? Does Royalty Free mean its copyright free?

Jan 12, 8:54AM EST1

Bad question...

cause this feed is about me and kickstarter.

Please write "royalty free music" into google or ask wikepedia


To find out if i know it, the answer is yes: royalty free music is music which you pay once. In germany for example we got the GEMA who is taking money from djs, discothecs, cinemas, radiostations etc if they play your track or song. The GEMA is bringing back that money to you if you are the artist or owner of the song. If your track is played daily 3 times at 1000 radiostations, you will get a lot of money as an artist. 

At royalty free music the GEMA is doing nothing for you. You sell the music as an artist or composer for exclusive or non exclusive, so one time or several times.

You won't find the hottest or best or the world chord songs at the royalty free music folders, cause every producer or artist who see a chance in his composition will try to sell it as exclusive or do his own youtube video with his song.

I won't say it but royalty free music is more like the 2nd hand shop of music. Or the trash of many composers. But its not bad minded.

Jan 12, 10:14AM EST1

Do you act as a producer for custom music needs?

Jan 12, 5:14AM EST1

For sure. 

But it takes a lot of time to "produce" something good. 

Please tell me your imagination what you need and what you like to have.

Please give me details for which project it is and how much your budget is.

Please contact me jfkomposition@gmail.com

Jan 12, 9:55AM EST0

I was sleepin 6h after staying awake for 48h... its 4 in the morning... i will answer asap ;)

Jan 11, 9:55PM EST0

How do I obtain these licenses?

Jan 11, 7:43PM EST1

If needed, i will ship a signed licence to your firm, home or office. If you also sign this contract, the contract will be closed. 

Also i will make a list of all licence users, the deal and target is that you enjoy to use my music, so if you pay for it and use it you don't need to be stressed in case of law.

Jan 12, 3:15AM EST0

Do you offer music supervision?

Jan 11, 3:58PM EST1

I love this question.

Thanks for request.

I am absolutely interested in music supervision, even for a cd compilation, tv series, commercials, films, theater or games. 

This kind of job is 100% related with what i love and do for years. 

Please send your imagination, idea or contract to jfkomposition@gmail.com

Thanks for the request.

Jan 12, 2:40AM EST0

Do you know about Synchronization Rights?

Jan 11, 10:54AM EST1

I am very open minded about making contracts.

Please send me an email with your contract, i will read it and answer asap.

Jan 12, 2:27AM EST0

You can send your request or contract to:


Jan 12, 2:41AM EST0

When should I get a non-exclusive music license? Why do I need the music license?

Jan 11, 8:57AM EST1

First of all :

i like to get famous; like to get my compositions get played, get world known heard.

So i like to make money with music, not to get rich cause someone is doing something wrong with a wrong licence or the case of copyright laws.

To answer the question:

Non licence is to use it one time for example for your youtube video, if you make cooking videos or if you do blogging videos or whatever.

If you like to use it for your own product, own film, game, as individual soundlogo you need to buy it as exclusive rights song.

Jan 12, 12:40AM EST0