Hey, I'm Raghav, and I'm a true blue Cinephile (film buff, mad about movies). I even have a small film theater in my house (see pic). Let's talk films. Ask Me Anything!!

Raghav Modi
Jun 18, 2017

I've loved films for as long as I can remember. From skipping school to watch Star Wars, to building a home theater, films have always been an integral part of my life. Join me in talking about the world of movies. 

Oh! And I sometimes review films as well, over at Ticker Eats The World. 

Ask Me Anything!!

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Let's get started!

That is so cool! My husband and I also love movies. I am horror buff myself!

Jun 18, 4:52PM EDT0

Hey, that's awesome. I love all genres and just yesterday watched The Visit, which was pretty cool and comes under the Horror/Thriller genre. Have you seen it?

Jun 18, 11:48PM EDT0

Do you tend to watch movies when they open, or wait for reviews?

Jun 18, 10:30AM EDT0

Hey John,

I never wait for reviews because reviews really don’t mean much to me. If I do wait, it is for a DVD release, if I feel it is a movie that I don’t need to see in the cinemas or if it’s only showing in 3D.

I’ve always been a First Day First Show kind of a guy and while that doesn’t happen anymore, I like the feeling of being one of the firsts to watch a film.  

Jun 18, 10:34AM EDT0

Welcome to my #MovieAMA. Today we're talking all things film. Join me and Ask Me Anything! 


Jun 18, 5:46AM EDT0

What are some books you'd like to see made into movies?

Jun 17, 10:10PM EDT19

Hi Emily, 

I've really been waiting for someone to pick up the Artemis Fowl series and make the books into movies. I'm actually very surprised that it hasn't happened yet. 

Jun 18, 1:03AM EDT17
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What is your favorite type of movie animation and your favorite animated movie?

Jun 17, 10:41AM EDT0


Big fan of Anime and the likes of Studio Ghibli productions. I'm slightly old fashioned as in I prefer the hand-drawn method of animation over digital. 

My favourites would include Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, quite a few from Disney-Pixar, I loved Wes Anderson's Stop Motion Animation of Fantastic Mr. Fox, and then like I said above a bunch of Studio Ghibli animations. 

Jun 17, 1:41PM EDT24
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How do you keep a list of the movies you've watched?

Jun 17, 8:29AM EDT0

HI Natasha, 

As much as I want to stay up-to-date with this information, I always forget to note down the movies I have watched. 

However, I do use a website/App called Letterboxd which is an easy way to keep track - whenever I can remember to enter the details in it. 

Jun 17, 1:38PM EDT0

What is the common stereotype of a true Cinephile?

Jun 16, 11:31PM EDT0

Hey Robin,

I guess one would be that cinephiles are “nerds”. Personally, I don’t see an issue with anyone being a nerd, but often that is the case.

The other is that a cinephile should have an encyclopaedic knowledge about films and eat, drink, and sleep movies. We all have a number of interests and while there are people who do everything films, just because a person can’t recall a film or may not have seen some classics doesn’t mean that his or her appreciation for films is any less.    

Jun 17, 5:24AM EDT0

What are your most and least favorite movie genres?

Jun 16, 9:51PM EDT0

Hey Eric,

I guess since I love movies so much I can never have a most or least favourite, ever. I am moody and often I may not want to watch a certain genre, but I try and watch each film with equal anticipation and awe.     

Jun 17, 5:26AM EDT0

Do you have a party or other tradition for watching the Oscars?

Jun 16, 7:45PM EDT50

Hi Parker,

I live in India so the Oscars are telecasted super early in the morning, making it difficult to have a party. I have though in the past, when I lived in Europe, done that and a fun fact for you, the first time that I blacked out – from wine – was while watching the Oscars.      

Jun 17, 5:27AM EDT49
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What is the ideal length for a movie, and why?

Jun 16, 12:04PM EDT0

Hi James,

Good question and I think 2 Hours is a good enough time. Indian movies tend to be closer to 3 hours and that does get to be too much, but the smaller 1 hour or even 1.5 hour ones they make in Hollywood, I feel end up rushing things.

The 2 Hour mark would allow just enough so the film isn’t too boring or too short.       

Jun 17, 5:31AM EDT0

What is your favorite means of watching movies?

Jun 16, 10:01AM EDT0


I love to watch big blockbuster films in an IMAX theatre if possible, but otherwise one of the reasons I built my home theatre was so I could watch movies whenever I wanted and however I wanted, so that is always the best means of watching films for me.  The only negative about is that is I have to wait till the DVD comes out.        

Jun 17, 5:33AM EDT0

Which movie in the Star Wars saga is your favorite, and which is your least favorite?

Jun 16, 8:55AM EDT0

Hi Joseph,

I love Star Wars so I really don’t have a least favourite even though I know everyone has thing for Jar Jar because of whom often the first one get to take that award. I’m at peace with it.

As for my favourite, Episode IV will always be the one because it started everything and I hadn’t seen anything like it when I did watch it for the first time. It gets the benefit of being the first.

However, I loved Episode VII a lot and can’t wait The Last Jedi now.

Jun 16, 9:27AM EDT47
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How do you avoid spoilers when you're waiting to see a movie?

Jun 16, 7:36AM EDT0

Hey Elizabeth,

I just don’t talk to people about the movie and avoid reviews no matter what, even if they state they are “spoiler free”. If someone were to spoil the film on purpose, then there is a good chance my friendship with them will eventually dwindle.  

Jun 16, 9:29AM EDT0

What is your opinion on 3D movies, and do you have a favorite?

Jun 16, 7:05AM EDT0

DIE DIE DIE, 3D DIE!!! 3D should never have been there and I can’t stand 3D films. It’s as simple as that.   

Jun 16, 9:30AM EDT47
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Do you have a favorite service for streaming movies?

Jun 16, 6:01AM EDT0


I hardly ever stream films and yes while the world is Netflix-ing and chilling, I’m happy buying DVDs or renting/buying off iTunes and using age old tested methods to chill.     

Jun 16, 9:32AM EDT0

What is the appeal of watching a film in a crowded theater?

Jun 16, 5:04AM EDT0


None whatsoever, and that is why I have one in my own home. 

The appeal is only when you are going out on a date for the first time and it gives you the oppertunity to hold her hand maybe. 

Or, if you are a group of friends and YOU are the ones who are going to be obnoxious and make noise. 

Ather than that, it is more of a neccessity because that is the only place you can watch a newly released film and that too on a big screen. 

Jun 16, 5:09AM EDT0

What are some movie suggestions for a movie night with pals?

Jun 16, 4:33AM EDT37

Hmmm, it depends on what kind of a group you are, as in more into action films or comedies or serious dramas, but here is a nice little mixture that I could think of, at the top of my head;

Bad Boys, Hot Fuzz or you can do the whole Cornetto Trilogy, 21 Jump Street 1&2, The Blues Brothers, Die Hard ... around Christmas time, The Shining, Ghostbusters - the original one, Goodfellas, Heat, Sideways, The Big Hit, The Big Leboowski, and then you can always look at the new comic book based films as well.  

Jun 16, 5:06AM EDT37
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What movies in production are you most anxious to see?

Jun 16, 4:20AM EDT0

Soooooooo many, and also there are sooooooo many that have already realeased and I still haven't had the time to watch them. Anyhow, here are some i'm looking forward to;

Star Wars - The Last Jedi, Bad Boys III, Ocean's 8, Muder on the Orient Express, Avengers, Deadpool 2, Isle of Dogs, Glass, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, and i'm sure there are so many that I haven't yet heard of. 

Jun 16, 4:32AM EDT0

What movie award shows do you watch faithfully?

Jun 16, 3:30AM EDT0


There are the Oscars of course and The Golden Globes that I follow and occasionally the BAFTAs as well.

In addition to that, not really watch, but I try and keep updated about Cannes making a note of all the films that get mentioned there.

Because I am in India, most of these shows are telecasted live at an ungodly hour, so I often rely on re-runs later in the day to catch up.

Growing up though, when I had less responsibilities and more time, I would stay up till late and catch them live, but not anymore.

We have a lot of award shows here in India, but I never watch them. 

Jun 16, 3:50AM EDT0

Why do you think movies resonate with you so much?

Jun 16, 1:56AM EDT0

Hi Nicole,

I believe films are a very impactful medium of art and involve so much variety in them that, being a Sagittarian whose mind keeps drifting and wanting to do different things, they provide a complete package.

Whether it is to get information in the form of Documentaries or just while away the time watching a mindless action film, there’s always something there for the type of mood I am in.

On a very basic level, films take me away from the reality of this planet, for a little while, and no matter the film, I’m like a little boy who looks up at the screen in awe and wonderment, happy to be a part/audience to a new world that is playing on the screen. Very much like the main character in Cinema Paradiso when he first goes in to watch a film.  

Thanks for the question, it was a really good one and made me think a lot. 

Jun 16, 3:59AM EDT0