I listed more than 1,800 must-see movies and arranged them by genre and themes on a giant imaginary roadmap. AMA!

David Honnorat
Nov 8, 2017

Movieland is an imaginary world made of more than 1,800 movies. I designed this map in an atempt to render the history of film the way I saw it. I tried to make the connections as meaningful as possible. You can start from a movie you like and then navigate through the map to discover many interesting films...

You can zoom on the full-sized map.

Poster prints are available for a few days on Kickstarter.

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Wow, this is great! Is that an app or something?

Nov 9, 6:37AM EST0

Thanks! For the moment it's just a big poster available on Kickstarter.

Nov 9, 10:17AM EST0
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Hii , please do you know any trusted site I can watch these movies ? 

Nov 8, 10:26AM EST0

You can search for movies available on most legal streaming providers here.

Nov 8, 11:30AM EST0

What was your main motivation in initiating this project?

Nov 8, 3:28AM EST0

I wanted to render something I had in my mind and share it with other movie buffs around the world. I also wanted the project to be a tool for discovery. Making the map helped me exploring the world of cinema and I hope it will encourage other people to do the same.

Nov 8, 10:17AM EST0

I love horror, how about you?

Nov 7, 3:29PM EST0

I didn't watch so many horror movies when I was younger, mostly because I was afraid to get too scared, and I now realized it was a mistake. Horror films are essential in the history of cinema. I've been trying to make up for it since a few years and I discovered so many great films and brilliant directors.

Nov 8, 10:21AM EST0

What is your favorite horror movie kill scene?

Nov 7, 3:26PM EST0

Not exactly an horror movie, but this death scene from Profondo Rosso is incredible (warning: very gore).

Nov 8, 9:07AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 7, 3:00PM EST0

I'm from Paris, France. But I grew up in Lyon, where cinema was invented ;)

Nov 8, 9:09AM EST0

Why will someone choose to use your map to choose a movie to watch?

Nov 7, 2:53PM EST1

I imagined the map as a tool for discovery. You can start from a movie you love and then explore from there. I think movies are even more fun to watch when you're able to see how they connect to each other. You can also use the map to pick a movie randomly like people do with globes for travel destinations ;)

Nov 8, 9:22AM EST0

How do you know when your map was finally finished?

Nov 7, 11:31AM EST0

The map isn't totally finished yet. I'm stilling improving connections and adding a few movies thanks to the feedbacks I'm getting from all other the world. I really want to print and ship the best possible version to my Kickstarter backers. Obviously, though, I had to stop somewhere to put the first version online and launch the campaign. Since I wanted to make the map as a large printable poster I first picked the sized and considered the map was ready when the poster was full.

Nov 8, 9:28AM EST0

Was it hard to start the map?

Nov 7, 9:11AM EST0

A bit. I didn't really know where to start, so I began with a few of my favorite movies (Mulholland Drive, 2001, Fight Club, The Sixth Sense...) and began to draw Plot Twist Lake and the Mindfuck Forest. As you can see on this animated gif it's been the heart of Movieland.

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Nov 8, 9:12AM EST0

Have you ever tried selling this idea to a major company?

Nov 7, 8:43AM EST0

I'm currently in talks with publishers. I'd like to write a book which would help you navigate through the map.

Nov 8, 9:29AM EST1

Do you like English movies, or in other languages?

Nov 7, 8:27AM EST0

I like movies in every languages. I'm native in French, and almost fluent in English but I also like to watch every movies in their original version (with subtitles).

Nov 8, 11:28AM EST0

Why do you think there are so few women in fimmaking?

Nov 7, 8:21AM EST0

I think the movie industry is a very sexist environment and it has to change. A few great female directors are included on the map (Andrea Arnold, Kathryn Bigelow, Ava DuVernay, Nicole Holofcener, Agnès Varda, Diane Kurys, Penny Marshall, Lucia Puenzo...) but there should be more. Also these women can be role-model for younger women who dream about filmmaking, so it's important to promote their work.

Nov 8, 11:10AM EST0

How long did it take you to make the map?

Nov 7, 6:59AM EST0

Took me 300hrs of design. But obviously I'm not counting the years I spent watching films :)

Nov 8, 10:02AM EST0

What do you think about Netflix?

Nov 7, 5:43AM EST0

I think Netflix is a very smart evolution of television. It's more of a new HBO than it is a digitial version of a video club. For a movie buff the film catalogue is very limited. But Netflix is producing premium "content" (TV series and movies) with very high quality standards, so this is a good thing.

Nov 8, 11:01AM EST0

What is your favorite action film?

Nov 7, 5:22AM EST0

Die Hard 3. Fantastic opening scene. Such a clever and well-crafted action movie.

Nov 8, 10:01AM EST0

Its a great project.What kind of help do you need for your vision?

Nov 7, 3:18AM EST0

Thanks a lot! I'd like to go further with the project and I would love to see the map in public places around the world. I was thinking maybe the map could look great (in very large format) in movie theaters lobbys or cinema related places... So if you know places that could interested...

Nov 8, 10:58AM EST0

What is going on with movies today, what are you thoughts?

Nov 7, 1:34AM EST1

I think it's getting more and more difficult to share their vision in a truly cinematic way. Looks like Hollywood in particular is mostly targeting teenage audiences and I don't really like either the many remakes and reboots that are getting out these days.

Nov 8, 10:53AM EST0

Have any suggestions on what to go see in the theaters?

Nov 7, 1:00AM EST0

The 2 best movies I've seen this year are Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk by Ang Lee and Get Out by Jordan Peele. Since I live in France the release schedule isn't the same as in the US. But if I check what's coming next I'm waiting for Coco and The Shape of Water. Also one of the best thing I've seen recently (in Cannes Film Festival) is Tesnota a first feature film directed by a young russian called Kantemir Balagov.

Nov 8, 10:00AM EST0

What do you think of new movies that are coming out?

Nov 7, 12:58AM EST0

I think the industry suffers from several artistic cancers called "extended universe", "remake" or "reboot". Fortunately, great original movies are still coming out from time to time. Also the quality of TV series has improved a lot during the last 20 years.

Nov 8, 10:33AM EST0

What inspired you to make this project?

Nov 7, 12:33AM EST0

I actually had a similar, but less ambitious, idea a few years ago (2009). So I've been thinking about it for a while but never had the time to make it. Also, for the general philosophy of it, A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies was a big influence.

Nov 8, 9:52AM EST0
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