I'm a movie fanatic (with a full-time job and two part-time jobs) who has been doing the "200 Movies A Year" challenge for four years now and I have never failed. AMA!

Irick Marie Arbuso
Jun 16, 2017

I started this challenge back in 2013 because I was a bit bored and I only had one full-time job back then. I realized I've been watching A LOT of movies - probably way more movies than an average 20-something-year-old. So I thought I should keep track of them and see how many I could watch in one month. I saw that a lot of people were actually doing this "200 Movies A Year Challenge" and posting about it online. So I was like, "I should totally do that!"

Four years later, I'm still doing that - keeping track of ALL the movies I've seen - and  I have successfully watched 200 movies every year since 2013 (I even watched 250 movies back in 2014), despite having a full-time job and two part-time jobs these past three years. 

Irick Marie Arbuso says:

This AMA will end Jun 21, 2017 8PM EDT

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Do you watch anime?

Jun 18, 7:27AM EDT0

Oh, yes, I do! Thanks for that question, Junior. I remember a time when I was obsessed with Japanese anime! I wouldn't sleep until I finish binge-watching them. My favorite Japanese anime movies are "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Princess Mononoke". These are awesome movies and I highly recommend them. 

Jun 18, 7:44AM EDT38
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Do you write reviews and rate movies on various sites online?

Jun 16, 1:57PM EDT0

Hi, Bridget! Thanks for your question. Ooh! I would love to do this! Especially as a job! Haha. I've always thought about that - blogging about the movies that I've seen and I did it before. However, I tend to write blogs using an informal and conversational tone and they are usually long-winded. I feel like I won't be a good movie critic or reviewer. If given an opportunity, then I would totally take this chance. :)

Jun 17, 3:58AM EDT0

How do you like musicals and dance themed movies?

Jun 16, 9:14AM EDT0

Hello there, Megan! Thanks for your question. I have seen my fair share of musicals and dance-themed movies and I LOVED them. I am crazy over the "Step Up" movies. I super loved "Footloose" too! "Moulin Rouge" and "Mamma Mia!" are also some of my all-time fave movies. I've seen them more than a handful of time. Do you have any recommendations?

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Jun 16, 10:19PM EDT41
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Which movie of the ‘Die Hard’ series did you like the best?

Jun 15, 11:51PM EDT17

Hello there, Tara! Thanks for this question. I am actually not a big fan of this series. I know... I know... I should totally watch this and a lot of people recommended it to me. I've seen the first one and I thought it was pretty good. I feel like I always think that way when it comes to movie series or franchise - the first movie I've watched would be the "best" for me. How about you? Which one did you like? :)

Jun 17, 3:07AM EDT10
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Do you ever take a break from movies and indulge in other activities?

Jun 15, 11:35PM EDT0

Hello there! Thanks for your question. I do take a break once in a while. I like traveling and I can only do that on weekends. So if I'm not watching movies, then I'm traveling somewhere. Or meeting my friends for a cup of coffee. I love blogging and reading books too. I blog about my trips and some of my other interests on my WordPress site. :) 

Jun 16, 10:10PM EDT10
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Which websites do you use to keep in touch with news and updates in the movie industry?

Jun 15, 11:02PM EDT0

Hello, Elizabeth! Thanks for dropping by. I regularly check out screenrant.com  to get my weekly and monthly dose of movie news and updates. I like how they also feature TV shows and reviews. The site is very easy to navigate too. If I'm not in the mood to read, I would usually go over to YouTube and check out the newest movie trailers at Movie Trailers Source. This channel is pretty updated. :) 

Jun 16, 10:06PM EDT0

What go you so interested in movies that you became a movie fanatic?

Jun 15, 10:10PM EDT0

Hello there, W! That's a pretty good question. Now that I've thought about it, I can't really remember how it actually started. I used to live with a roommate and we would just binge-watch movies all day long on the weekend. She would download all the latest movies and I would just watch it with her. And it was so fun! I guess that was when I realized I really, really like doing this. :)

Jun 16, 9:58PM EDT0

Have you ever been interested in anything apart from movies?

Jun 15, 8:43PM EDT26

Hey there! Good question. Well, aside from movies, I am very interested in books. :) However, due to lack of time, I tend to watch movies more than reading books now. I used to be able to read 50 books every year. Sadly, I gave up on that challenge. I am planning to balance my time between reading books and watching movies, though. Thanks for your question!  

Jun 16, 9:53PM EDT48

You're welcome, I hope you'll manage!

Jun 19, 11:23AM EDT42

Which movie is your all time fave that you can watch it anytime, anywhere?

Jun 15, 8:03PM EDT27

Hi there, Philip! Aside from the Harry Potter series, there is another movie that I can watch anytime and anywhere. I do not like romance movies that much, but "Love Actually" is such a great movie for me. I can watch it again and again and never really get tired of it. :) Thanks for your question. 

Jun 16, 9:49PM EDT6
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Do you go on holidays and skip watching movies for a fortnight or a month?

Jun 15, 7:58PM EDT38

Hello there, Tina! That's an interesting question. I don't get a lot of holidays because of the nature of my job. My company is very strict about that. The longest holiday I could get would be three days, including the weekend. So that is the longest time that I could go without watching a movie. 

Jun 16, 9:48PM EDT37
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How do you manage time for movies after working long hours on three different jobs?

Jun 15, 6:21PM EDT0

Hi there, Lisa! I know, right? Haha. Well, I do not work on weekends, I'm single. I live alone, I don't have a social life, and I'm introverted. So I guess... that answers your question. :) Movies are also a way for me to escape reality for a bit and just relieve my daily stress from work. :)

Jun 16, 9:46PM EDT0

Which movies do you find better in terms of content, those screened currently or those from the 1900’s?

Jun 15, 6:06PM EDT33

Hello! Thanks for this question. This is a bit hard. Well, I am all about the whole "movie experience" and I would love to watch different genres of movies from various decades someday. The oldest movie I've seen was "Gone with the Wind". I think my only issue with that was it was too draggy and long for me. I like how current movies are shorter and more condensed in terms of storylines. Honestly, I am not the best person to ask about movies from the 1900's. Would you recommend one for me? :)  

Jun 16, 9:44PM EDT23
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Have you ever happened to start a movie and left it unwatched halfway?

Jun 15, 2:17PM EDT50

That is such a great question, Danny! Thanks! This has happened to me more times than I could count. Hahaha! Most of the time it's because I would be too tired and just fall asleep halfway through it. But then, if the movie's really interesting, then I'd still continue watching it the next day. But there were some movies which I have totally "abandoned". The most recent one was "Independence Day Resurgence".

Jun 16, 9:40PM EDT37
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Which genre of movies do you usually go back to and keep watching?

Jun 15, 2:10PM EDT24

Hey there! Thanks for your question. I think it's not about the genre for me, it's about who's in it and how much I've enjoyed it. I go for comedy as a way to relieve stress and unplug from the world for a while. I think I've seen the movies "White Chicks" and "Liar Liar", like more than 20 times.

Jun 16, 9:35PM EDT26
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What do you intend to do when you run out of good movies to watch?

Jun 15, 2:07PM EDT0

Hello there, Susan! Wow. That is a pretty good question. I have never thought about that. Haha. That has happened before, actually. I had lots of movies on my hard drive, but none of them were "good enough". I don't even know why I downloaded them. Haha. I guess I would have to watch those "not good enough" movies and get it over with. :)

Jun 16, 9:22PM EDT0

Which genre of movies do you dislike and really prefer to avoid?

Jun 15, 1:31PM EDT31

Hey there, Stephanie! I love your question! Thank you for dropping by. I am not a big fan of romance and drama movies. Like, heavy drama. I guess being single has something to do with that. I don't like those cheesy rom-coms. Haha. I also try to steer clear of biography and war. I mean, they're okay once in a while but they're too heavy and depressing sometimes. 

Jun 16, 9:19PM EDT17
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How many hours a week do you spend watching movies?

Jun 15, 1:24PM EDT36

Hey there, Aaron! That's a great question. I haven't really thought about that. It really depends on how free my weekends are. Sometimes I could watch a movie or two during the weekdays too. I guess if I'm not too busy on weekends, I could watch movies for about 10 to 12 hours a day. 

Jun 16, 9:14PM EDT42
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Where do you watch movies on a daily basis and in what form do you watch?

Jun 15, 12:59PM EDT24

Hello, Jordan! Thanks for this question. I download movies weekly and sometimes I stream them too. There are actually a lot of torrent sites out there and movie sharing sites (which are, I know, illegal but I cannot afford to pay for all the movies that I'm watching) and that's where I get them. :) If you want, I can provide the links. :)

Jun 16, 9:12PM EDT22

That would've been great!

Jun 21, 4:02AM EDT31

Which are the top five action movies you would love to watch repeatedly?

Jun 15, 12:17PM EDT33

Hello there, Riley! That's a good one. I don't watch a lot of action movies but my dad sort of got me into them when I used to live with him. My top 5 would be "Kill Bill", "The Man From Nowhere" (Korean), Denzel Washington's "Unstoppable", "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation", and a Japanese movie called "13 Assassins". Man, that one was just freakin' awesome! It's about  "a group of thirteen assassins (composed of twelve samurais and a hunter) secretly plot to assassinate the ruthless leader of the Akashi clan". 

You can see this list for more awesome action movies. :) 

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Jun 16, 9:09PM EDT42
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Do you have a social life and do you attend events and parties at work or within your family and friend circle?

Jun 15, 12:01PM EDT23

Hi there, Kenneth! That is an amusing question. It made me laugh out loud. Haha. You probably guessed right. I do NOT have any kind of social life right now. My life is just "work - home -work - home". I do attend work events and parties because they are mandatory in my company. I like meeting my friends and co-workers for some coffee or lunch too. And I do Zumba at a nearby park with a handful of coworkers every weekend. :) 

Jun 16, 9:00PM EDT42
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