MMH Productions: Bloody Horror with an 80's Twist. AMA Filming, My company, Apples (2017), Darkside Stories (2017) and Nightmares Unleashed (2018)

Matthew Mark Hunter
Mar 6, 2018

My name is Matthew Mark Hunter, I am an award winning filmmaker and owner of MMH Productions. I was also in She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake as Christan Miller. I am an indie filmmaker and my website is below to see my films that I don't take to festivals. If you are an artist of any form email me since I am always looking for more things to add in my movies if it being songs, or art.  ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT FILMING, NIGHTMARES UNLEASHED, APPLES, or DARKSIDE STORIES! - Website

- Darkside Stories Trailer

- Apples 2 Trailer

If you click my name you will see Nightmares Unleased Bloopers from the Creepy Kids, Scientist, Witches, Zombies and the BTS of the Vampire Masquarde. Here's the creepy kids Bloopers - 


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What do audiences want? And is it the filmmaker’s role to worry about that?
Mar 7, 11:03AM EST0
How do you find screenwriters for your movies? Where do the actual stories come from?
Mar 7, 10:14AM EST0
Do you believe in Demons or Ghosts? What’s your connection with the paranormal world? Are you interested in paranormal stuff?
Mar 7, 10:05AM EST0
What about the flip side — the potential pitfalls or downside of horror as a genre? Any concerns there?
Mar 7, 7:56AM EST0
How much time in a day do you devote to film-making? Is it a 24/7 job?
Mar 7, 6:34AM EST0
If there is anything you think would make the film industry better, what would it be?
Mar 7, 5:09AM EST0
As an indie filmmaker, is your budget harder to work with than someone who is working in Hollywood?
Mar 7, 1:00AM EST0
Did you grow up in the 80's and is that why your movies have an 80's twist to them? What was your favourite 80's movie and why?
Mar 6, 10:33PM EST0
Did Night of the Living Dead help inspire your work?
Mar 6, 7:54PM EST0
What are some of the difficulties you experienced when making your first short film, Apples and in what ways was this experience different to filming a full-length feature?
Mar 6, 11:04AM EST0
What is one of the concepts you would like the horror movie genre to embrace?
Mar 6, 10:34AM EST0
What are some of the directorial methods you use to assist actors with character development?
Mar 6, 10:21AM EST0
What are some of the different folklores and fables that have been incorporated into your movies and what about these are particularly frightening?
Mar 6, 9:48AM EST0
What some of the unusual things you do to unwind and relax?
Mar 6, 9:21AM EST0
Who is your ultimate scream queen and why did you choose her?
Mar 6, 8:21AM EST0
What do you believe draws people to horror movies and why do you think, people enjoy being scared?
Mar 6, 6:15AM EST0
What is the last horror movie you saw that actually scared you?
Mar 5, 5:51PM EST0
What has been the worst location you have ever travelled to for a movie and what about the location made the filming process difficult?
Mar 5, 5:47PM EST0
How did you discover the members of your MMH team, and what do you do to enhance the collaborative process?
Mar 5, 5:28PM EST0
What was your favourite onscreen kill and why?
Mar 5, 5:15PM EST0