My name is Sarah and I LOVE BRITISH TV! Ask Me Anything about British, Australian, Irish & Scottish Television on Acorn TV, and the world of streaming TV! And if you’re already a fan, tell me about your favorite shows and what shows you’d like to see more of!

Sarah Liebman
Jul 11, 2018

I’ve been working at Acorn TV, a streaming service that focuses on bringing British and International shows across the pond to the US & Canada, and I love it!

Acorn TV has some of the best contemporary British TV out there, including Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders & Detectorists, as well as top-notch Australian gems like A Place to Call Home, Rake & Jack Irish.

Most people love British TV and don’t even realize it.

If you’ve been HOOKED on:


Downton Abbey

Happy Valley


The Crown

Peaky Blinders


The Fall

Midsomer Murders

Doc Martin

Black Mirror

Then, you’re a fan. And there’s a whole collection of shows you are probably missing out on.

That’s what I discovered when I started working at Acorn TV last year. If you’re looking to expand your TV horizons or you are already a fan and just want to talk shop, Ask Me Anything about Acorn TV!

P.S. My favorite shows on Acorn TV are 800 Words, The Heart Guy, Ackley Bridge, The Good Karma Hospital, and No Offence!




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What draws you to british shows and how different away from the Amercan ones?
Jul 17, 8:58AM EDT0
How can one get Acorn Tv on Apple Tv?
Jul 16, 4:25AM EDT0
Who are your favorite British actors and actresses? What are the roles that you love most from them and why?
Jul 14, 10:03PM EDT0
How is it to work at Acorn TV? What do you do on a daily basis?
Jul 14, 9:06AM EDT0
Could you talk more about A Place to Call Home? When is it set? What is it about?
Jul 14, 8:00AM EDT0
On average, how much time do you spend watching TV shows?
Jul 14, 5:59AM EDT0
Can you watch Acorn TV shows while you are travelling?
Jul 13, 9:24AM EDT0
Do you offer any kind of free trial to allow potential clients to evaluate if they like your service?
Jul 13, 9:13AM EDT0
Do you need a Smart TV to use a streaming service like Acorn TV?
Jul 13, 8:13AM EDT0
What if a subscriber is traveling or relocating, how does this affect their Acorn TV account?
Jul 13, 4:19AM EDT0
What can you tell about programmatic content for children? What do you offer?
Jul 12, 7:59PM EDT0
Do you have different subscriptions services at Acorn TV?
Jul 12, 7:50PM EDT0
If Acorn TV is not available in your country, can you watch it using a VPN? Whe will be Acorn TV available in all countries?
Jul 12, 4:08AM EDT0
BritBox vs. Acorn TV: Which is better for British TV and why?
Jul 11, 6:43PM EDT0

While newer services have launched this year, Acorn TV has been curating the best of British TV for decades on home video and since 2011 on Acorn TV. Our staff is filled with lovers of British TV and our primary goal is to listen to our subscribers and bring them the content they ask for (to the best of our ability). I think we’re the best when it comes to British programming because we have more hugely popular, current series (like Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders, Line of Duty); the best bingeable series (like Foyle’s War, George Gently, Detectorists, Indian Doctor, Doctor Finlay); more popular new British shows than anyone else (like The Good Karma Hospital, Girlfriends, Delicious, No Offence, Loch Ness, Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution); plus highly enjoyable content from Australia (A Place to Call Home, The Heart Guy), Wales (Keeping Faith), New Zealand (800 Words, The Brokenwood Mysteries), Ireland (Striking Out), and Canada (Murdoch Mysteries, 19-2); and, most importantly, we have many more exclusive British Originals in the works than anyone else (like Agatha Raisin 2, London Kills).


However, if you are looking for British panel shows and soaps, Britbox would be a better fit. Many people have both services and love them both as they complement each other in many ways. If you are thinking about cost though, we’re just $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year!


Jul 12, 2:37PM EDT0
Can you watch Acorn TV using your Roku player?
Jul 11, 12:17PM EDT0

Yes, you can! Here's an article with more information.

Jul 11, 4:31PM EDT0

I know you get to hobnob with the best of British TV at Acorn TV, but have you had any cool American celebrity encounters during your time at Acorn TV? Like on Facebook or anything? Thanks for doing this!

Last edited @ Jul 11, 10:02AM EDT.
Jul 11, 10:02AM EDT0

What a specific question! Sometimes we work with VIP fans that we interract with on social media. For instance, John Hodgman loves Detectorists starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones!

Last edited @ Jul 11, 4:30PM EDT.
Jul 11, 4:29PM EDT0

Would you rather be an acorn or a corn?

Jul 11, 10:00AM EDT0

On our Facebook group, some of our fans call themselves the Acornites!

Jul 11, 4:27PM EDT1

Can you please pick up some eggs?

Jul 11, 9:59AM EDT0

Not at the moment, but if you are looking for a show about food, try Delicious starring Dawn French & Iain Glen!

Jul 11, 4:27PM EDT0
Have you seen Midsomer Murders? Do you like it?
Jul 11, 5:33AM EDT0

I have! I think it's a great series, and it's so easy to binge cozy mysteries like that one.

Jul 11, 4:23PM EDT0
How has been the growth of Acorn TV in the past year? Is that growth driven by anything in particular?
Jul 10, 8:04PM EDT0

We've been very happy with our growth this past year and we attribute our success to an interesting, varied, and high quality slate of shows with more to come!

Jul 11, 4:22PM EDT0
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