"Stickman Official show" My upcoming webseries, will hit on socialmedia- youtube. But I need your support to crowdfund it and make it a success. AMA

Chris Hein
Dec 6, 2017

Hello all, my Upcoming webseries "Stickman official show"  Really  need all the love around. I will put my heart and soul into this project. It's something I always wanted to do, and I've already made some story boards, and I'm actually ready for doing some of the episodes. They will be fun, bloody, gore, and of course a hell of a comedy ;)  Join the journey with me. You can read everything about it below, with tons of perks you can get.. my instagram https://www.instagram.com/therealchrishein/And my twitter https://twitter.com/ChrisHein95NEW ANNOUNCMENT... EVERYTHING HAS BEEN DELAYED!!! I WILL NOT DO THE CAMPAIGN RIGHT NOW.. IT HAS BEEN EXTENDTED.. UNTILL I GOT THE PILOT FINISHED.

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Will there be subtitles available for those who do not speak or understand English?

Dec 7, 7:42PM EST0

As far as i know, there will be no talking in the stickman, maybe only some foolish "yada yada yada, " But nothing really talking as i know for know,  so i would not see subtitles for this.

Dec 8, 2:35PM EST0

Will the Stickman show have plenty of stickmen or do you only have one character?

Dec 7, 5:28PM EST0

Yeah there will be alot, And i do mean ALOT ;) 

Dec 8, 2:32PM EST0

If you were given a chance to air this on TV and not on YouTube, will you do it?

Dec 7, 12:13PM EST0

With this animation, No i would chose youtube, because people have allready created something like this with only few episodes, that are on, so deffently youtube. But my next animation, i would really want to hit the tv.

Dec 7, 2:11PM EST0

Will these be stand-alone episodes or will this be a series that I have to follow from beginning to end?

Dec 7, 10:54AM EST0

Well, its like 1 biiig film, that is cut into pieces, so you would deffently have to watch from begining to understand what is going on 

Dec 7, 2:10PM EST0

What would you suggest for those who want to create similar projects? On which aspects they should be focused? 

Dec 7, 5:50AM EST0

First off, make a story, what you want it to be about, imagian you are seeing every single episodes in your mind first, then write it down, make it to a storyboard, then in animate, you can google " animate cc " tutorials.

Dec 7, 2:08PM EST0

How about stickman love stories? Will we see anything like it in some of the episodes?

Dec 7, 4:55AM EST0

Oh yes deffently :) 

Dec 7, 2:07PM EST0

If the show is free on YouTube and uploading is basically free on YouTube, why do you need such a huge amount to back you up on Kickstarter?

Dec 6, 9:58PM EST0

Good question :)  Because it gotta be from living tho, it is a job, and was highly considering to hire people aswell, but for now its just me.

Dec 7, 2:06PM EST0

Are projects like these able to support you and your career financially?

Dec 6, 8:39PM EST0

Well no, not really,  That is why i will make a fundraise campaign, were people actually can get something from support aswell,  But hopefully in the future when there are many episodes on air, then the ads will probably help by finacially.

Dec 7, 2:05PM EST0

Other than this Stickman show, do you have other YouTube videos already uploaded that I can check out?

Dec 6, 7:31PM EST0

I have my music producing youtube channel.  "Royalty free music bible" 

Dec 7, 2:04PM EST0

I love stickmen because these are the only things I can draw - how will you manage to make this interesting when stickmen are so common?

Dec 6, 7:24PM EST0

That is correct, But to many people only manage to do sooo few episodes and then stops after,  Like " Flash deck animation" his was amazing, but only did so few episodes.. Where i will do the same thing, but with 100 episodes, is the plan

Dec 7, 2:03PM EST0

If I want to submit story ideas for your Stickman show, who can I reach out to?

Dec 6, 6:45PM EST0

That is me, But the campaign is gonna be delayed for a amout of time right now, But will be up agian , were you can read more about story ideas :) 

Dec 7, 2:00PM EST0

Since it’s going to be all about a stickman, will the show be in black and white?

Dec 6, 6:24PM EST0

No it will all be in colors, so it will be beautiful animated 

Dec 7, 1:59PM EST0

What’s the best program to use if I want to insert animation into my drawings?

Dec 6, 6:02PM EST0

Well best animation of 2D , is deffently working with animate CC, and photoshop is to smoothing out the animation. If you are working with 3D,  its Blender.org free program, or 3d max high price.

Dec 7, 1:59PM EST0

What camera are you using when filming for YouTube? I can’t seem to find a reasonably priced one that actually works well.

Dec 6, 5:23PM EST0

Its animation, its all thru programs

Dec 7, 1:57PM EST0

When do you think you will be able to upload the first episode of the Stickman Official Show?

Dec 6, 5:14PM EST0

I have really no idea right now, But everything of my work has been going faster than i expected, so will be working on it soon enough :)

Dec 7, 1:57PM EST0

You mentioned that there are already 100 episodes planned, but have you started filming yet?

Dec 6, 12:54PM EST0

Yes. 100 episodes are planned. No its not animated yet, only created by storyboard  ( story board ) for me is a helping hand, that will help me to create each episode, faster, cuz then i know what will happend in each storyboard. but now its only all by storyboard.  Soon Enough there will be worked on a "Pilot" Episode

Dec 6, 12:58PM EST0

Where do you find inspiration in creating new stories for over a hundred episodes?

Dec 5, 5:19AM EST0

Well, as a film writer, i would just say, let the imagination "flow"  means whatever you think of, write it down, and try to make a awesome story for it. because there is no limits. So that is what i am doing.

Dec 5, 6:44AM EST0

Do you still have a day job or are you giving all your time to this project?

Dec 5, 3:24AM EST0

Unfortently no, Cuz, there are none avialble jobs in my city,  So at the time i am giving all my time for my projects. But when the campaign is a success, i will  be making the first season right away.

Dec 5, 6:41AM EST0

Do you think you can manage to do a live video while drawing your stickmen?

Dec 4, 6:52AM EST0

Do you do everything on your own or do you have a team for the Stickman show?

Dec 4, 1:57AM EST0

I was thinking about getting more on the team. But for now its just me

Dec 4, 6:11AM EST0
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