This Woman’s Personal Encounter with Rachel McAdams is the Cutest AMA Event You’ll Read Today

Maria L.
Feb 3, 2018

Who Stacy run across in Boston Public Library a few years ago is someone you can’t possibly not recognize. She’s the long-suffering wife in The Time Traveller’s Wife, the miserable southern belle fighting for love in The Notebook, and North Shore High’s resident queen bee in Mean Girls, among others—she’s Rachel McAdams, and in this AMA event, Stacy recounts her encounter with her on the set of the Spotlight film, proving she’s no Mean Girl in real life:

QUESTION: Do you have to bring your own clothes and do your own makeup when you’re the extra?

Yes, for the most part. They will give you outfit guidelines beforehand and ask you to bring 2 or 3 types of each outfit. For example, 2 casual outfits, 2 nice outfits plus your winter coat and winter gear. You'll come with your own makeup and wearing your own clothes.

At some sets they have a full closet and will outfit everyone with something special. At some sets they just give some people something extra to wear if their own clothes need something different. They also have hair people at some sets who go around doing the extras hair.

QUESTION: While working as an extra, did you ever get noticed by directors for any specific role they thought you would suit?

No definitely not. I've seen a few posts recently on the Chicago Med/PD/Fire Facebook where a few (male only haha) extras were upgraded to speaking roles in the past few weeks but I believe that is super rare, and the speaking role is likely very very small.

When I was working on the film Spotlight, I was wearing a bright red shirt they gave me (definitely not suited to running either it was so tight), and running across a street in Boston where I ended up being featured in the actual movie for about 10 seconds running across the street. A bunch of acquaintances and friends noticed and texted me without me telling them. That's the closest I've ever been "featured" I guess.

QUESTION: How many hours do you have to work on a set?

It varies, usually it is a minimum of 8 hours and you get $88/8 hours. I've had more where the average is 15-18 hours and you get paid 1.5X overtime for every hour after 8.

QUESTION: What's more challenging? TV or Movies? And how's your experience been with both the industries?

Being an extra on Movies is generally more fun than TV since you seem to work longer hours (meaning you get paid 1.5X for overtime), and get more meals. You also get to work with and see "bigger name" celebrities. An advantage of being a TV extra in the winter is often you get to film inside and often movie extras are doing outside work. Both are fun however!

QUESTION: What has been your favourite role so far and how long was it for?

The extra role for the beach party episode 6X03 for my favorite show Vampire Diaries. It was a warm, sunny day in Atlanta and we were all out on the beach with about 70 people getting to live inside and be part of my favorite show for a whole day and night! 

For more about Stacy’s cutest encounter with Rachel McAdams, do visit her complete AMA event here.

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