AMA: Founder and CEO of Young Millennium Records, a company dedicated to supporting, fostering and promoting the music of talented young people who enjoy entertaining their fans and establishing a platform for positive music.

Jun 19, 2018

I'm an Amateur Chef, Sold Cars, Cell Phones, Insurance & Drugs, Was in the movie Borat and have met the creators of Reddit. I'm now in a car for 6 hours AMA.

Jun 17, 2018

I watched all top 250 movies listed on imdb. AMA.

Jun 16, 2018

I posted a movie quote on r/showerthoughts last night to prove unoriginal shit gets way more attention than OC. I received 3.8K upvotes and lots of comments proving my point. Then i deleted the pos...

Ask me Anything... Actors: How to make a great impression online and in person.

Jun 15, 2018

I just found out that I'm going to be the first person to graduate from my college with a Theatre Degree with a double emphasis (Performance & Technical), AMA!

My name is Djordje Petrovic. I am the Founder/CEO of a business consulting company. We help companies grow their business, enter new markets, improve their performances, etc...Ask me anything

Jun 14, 2018

Im a grade 5 singer, Grade 2 dancer and love performing and seeing musicals (*cough* theatre nerd *cough*) but im too shy to show anyone any of it. Ask me anything.

Jun 14, 2018

Daily Roundups, 14 June 2018: Take a Look on Some Professional Views on Fulltime Freelance Writing, Financial Literacy, Acting, Travel Blogging, and Suicide Prevention

Jun 13, 2018

I work at a movie theatre, AMA.

Jun 13, 2018

I found the first movie that made my cry after 13 years of movies having no affect on me. AMA

Jun 13, 2018

I've never seen a non-disney movie AMA

Jun 18, 2018

I have helped over 400 individuals get un-stuck and transition into roles and careers they love. I work with individuals at all stages in their careers to create the transition they want. I’m an expert on leadership and people development, change and performance management. Ask me anything!

Jun 13, 2018

Daily Roundups, 13 June 2018: Fresh New Insights on Illustrated Books, De-Cluterring Spaces, Autonomous Charging, Fulltime Artist Career, and Health & Sports Performance Optimization

Jun 13, 2018

We are Estefania Bonilla Hernandez and Craig Whitney, the producers of the feature film The Red Note, based on the true story of the disappeared women of Juarez, Mexico. Ask us anything!

Jun 15, 2018

AMA: Scream Queen & Host Kristin West Dishes on Life in Hollywood.

4x Award-Winning Actor AMA - On Creating Your Own Opportunities & Developing An Acting Career Despite Any Obstacle.

Jun 14, 2018

Top 3 Acting Tips - Ask Me Anything!

Jun 12, 2018

I am Mateo Messina, film & TV composer of Blockers, Superstore, Casual, and Juno, among others. AMA!

Jun 12, 2018

I was a super high performing functioning daily heroin addict for 2 years. AMA

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