Matthew Mark Hunter

I make 80s horror themed movies


I make 80s horror themed movies

I am a 17 year old boy in the 12th grade that goes to Garfield Heights High School and Cuyahoga Valley Career Center for film. My first film was in 7th grade called Puppets Of Darkness and then my next was Cricket Boy in 9th grade but Apples is the one short film I am most proud of as a start of my career. My last film Darkside Stories was an amazing experience. This short film was originally a silent film I wrote for school but I am happier to be able to include speaking roles and do this outside of school again like most of my films. I am also in the indie film She was so pretty: Be good for goodness sake with Dirt Candy Productions and I played Christian Miller. I love all the 80's horror films, especially the really weird ones are the best. I am very proud of everything I have done and can't wait to expand it.


Writing. Directing. Editing. Acting.
  • Darkside Stories - Was at the Drive in Theater in PA. Darkside Stories won the Bronze Award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards.. Apples will be at the Indie Horror Film Festival in Chicago.