what is your favorite movie you have ever seen? Ask Me Anything about movies we can discuss it.

Jul 15, 2017

I'm Haitham I like to watching movies cause it gives you a way to live another life full of joy. 

Haitham Eltrmesany says:

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Jul 13, 12:56PM EDT0


Jul 13, 4:58PM EDT0

Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal and The Face - absolute masterpieces!

Jul 13, 10:19AM EDT0

yup, old is gold. 

Jul 13, 10:33AM EDT0

OOOH, it's not easy to choose.... Dracula (with Gary Oldman), Pretty Woman, Forrest Gump ...

Jul 13, 4:49AM EDT1

 Ohh I like forrest Gump so much <3 <3

Jul 13, 5:52AM EDT0
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Hi! My favourite is The Lord of the Rings! I think it's the greaest movie saga of all times! What do you think?

Jul 13, 4:09AM EDT1

yes, I like it and the Hobbit trilogy, do you like it? 

Jul 13, 6:00AM EDT0
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What is your opinion about 2 wonderful 90's romantic films - Boxing Helena and Dream Lover?

Jul 13, 3:58AM EDT1

I like romantic films, but unfortunately didn't watch them before but I'll do soon thanks for suggesting <3  <3

Jul 13, 6:04AM EDT0

I like Jane Campion's The Piano. do you like it?

Jul 13, 3:26AM EDT1

i like piano music so much and the classic movies also so that will be the first movie in my playlist to watch it. Thanks <3

Jul 13, 6:15AM EDT0

the god father trilogy, the shawshank redemption, american beauty, the usual suspects.

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Jul 12, 6:58PM EDT1

yeah, there are great movies. 

Jul 13, 6:38AM EDT0